Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wheels-On-Air's Final Model

Wheels-On-Air is proud to share it's new... let's call it a backup plan. Despite out previous models, we are currently adding on finishing touches to another new model. This one consists of it's torso as an egg carton, carved out wheels (made out of wood), and it's axles supporting the wheels as a regular barbecue stick (shape like a toothpick but longer and slightly as think as a straw). On the egg torso, the straw will be glued securely on it and using a huge balloon that has superb air capacity, we hope for this one to not excel at a fast speed during the race, but excel a long distance (the 12 m. mark we believe it was) to get the bonus marks. Though we are still hesitant on what one to use, we'll leave it as a surprise towards race day, see you there.

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